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Astrology real or fake?

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Astrology real or fake?

Postby Adrianson » Thu Dec 28, 2017 12:56 am

I have studied astrology for the last year, not just the little horoscopes in the newspaper but I went very in-depth in my research of astrology. For the first year I was so surprised how accurate it was and I Wada true believer in astrology. But now I dont know if it's real or fake. As I started to read more in-depth "personality traits" of myself I began to realise how only like half of it described me so I done a test. I got my parents date of birth and gave told her she was a. Capricorn which is the opposite of her real sign which is a cancarian. She was amazed at how this description fitted her. I just dont know what to think about astrology. Does anyone have any further proof of why it may be fake or even proof that it's not fake so I can come to a conclusion? Thanks.
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